Saturday, June 6, 2015

Global Unites Summit 2015 - Opening Ceremony

    As interns and delegates poured in to the conference site, it was reminiscent of the first Sri Lanka Unites Future Leader’s Conference. Sri Lankan high school students poured in to this very building with the same visions of peace and hope as the delegates of the Global Unites Summit. Six years later the seeds of peace that had been planted in Sri Lanka has led to a Global gathering of peace builders who represent 18 conflict zones with a myriad of conflict types. These peace builders are bold ambassadors of peace and have taken the initiative to fly all the way to this small island nation to connect, inspire and equip each other.

    The opening ceremony was off to a great start with a musical number by Kenyan and Sri Lankan artists. The excitement and enthusiasm in the auditorium was tangible. A rabbi, a monk, human rights lawyers and gender violence activists- these are a few of the incredible people that were present in the room. Prashan De Visser, the founder of Global Unites, then welcomed the delegates and explained the vision of Global Unites and the importance for peace builders across the globe to create a strong network to counter the conflict in their nations. As the evening drew to a close and the delegates moved out of the room to dinner it was clear that this was a very important moment in their lives and their journeys towards peace and conflict transformation.

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  1. The vision of Global Unites to build peace through a strong network of young people throughout the world to "counter the conflict in their nations" is not just ambitious, but awesome! We are so proud of the founder of Global Unites, Prashan De Visser, and all his hard work to make this vision of peace for the future a reality. Judy S.